How to choose your exercises

Strength training is a discipline that includes many movements. However, a program can not contain them all. At one point, we must make choices and select the ones you are going to practice. However, how to make this choice? This is not an easy task, especially for a beginner, and even for an experienced practitioner. Here is an explanation on how to choose the exercises

A personalized choice

The first thing to understand before making a choice of exercises and be a bodybuilding program is that each person is different. The body of one is large, medium, small, but the difference did not stop there. Because each has an arm length of legs, busts, different. Shoulder width is also a personal data. In short, each is unique morphology. Therefore, the choice of exercises must be individual. This is not to resume the program everything from a friend or the one found in a magazine. For some of these exercises you will go, but others much less.
To understand this concept, here are two examples. The first is that the pumps. This is a basic exercise and is generally advise everyone. However, be aware that all practitioners are not equal before the movement. It's very simple, if you have short arms, you will have an easier time performing the exercise, weight for weight, a person who has longer arms. Indeed, you will have less distance to go to the ground.
Second example, the squats. This time, the difference is in the length of the legs. If you have long legs, you will have much more you lean forward if you have short legs, all to keep the balance. The result is a greater danger to your back.

How to choose your exercises
1 - long torso, short femur: "I love the squat! "
2 - Torso short, long femur: "Ow my back! "

It is therefore understandable that there are great disparities between each person to the same exercises. And it is obvious that if an exercise is not for you, because its performance hurts you, because he has too great danger of injury, or because it is too difficult for your body, it is useless to insist. Put aside this year.

Special exercises

If we choose the exercises according to your body, you must also select according to your goals. Indeed, every movement has advantages and disadvantages. In addition, they seek some muscles more than others. We must therefore keep your goal in mind and direct you to the most beneficial exercises to accomplish this, and the drawbacks hinder you less.
Every year is special, but it is a distinction that already classifies into two groups, the basic exercises and isolation exercises. The basic exercises seek more joints at the same time and so many muscles. This is the case of the squat, for example. They allow a high loading of muscles in no time and lift heavy. However, they are tiring and they may not allow putting a muscle on their agendas. According morphologies, some muscles can take precedence over others. For example, pumps, especially some practitioners feel their work triceps and pectoral resume less effort. For others, it will be the reverse.
Isolation exercises are those that seek a single joint. Fewer muscles are involved and these exercises are less efficient to develop muscle mass. However, they require less energy and it is possible to target specific muscles.

How to choose your exercises

To summarize, the basic exercises are dealing essentially a program, especially when one is beginning. Thus, all the muscles are solicited intensely in minimal time. Over time, isolation exercises can then be grafted to the program to help develop late or muscles that you want to prioritize.

Knowing change exercises

Once you have selected your exercises, you will probably practice for a while. However, even if they seem most appropriate, these are the ones you like with whom you are most comfortable, that does not mean it will be all the time.
There may come a time when your feelings will change. Such an exercise will seem less effective or even useless to be your progress. Another, that you did not like more than that, bring you good feelings. This is normal, your muscles are developed, they have changed and they can be ready for a year or more to react to another.
It is time to change from period to adopt the one that seems most effective and forget the other, at least for a while. It is always possible to come back later.

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