mass gain and tight budget!
For a person who has a tight budget, finance mass uptake can be difficult. One student, for example, which does not really have money coming in, can end up destitute and must make a cross on its outputs to feed to gain muscle. Still, there are some tips that reduce the food budget while continuing to consume enough nutrients.

Compare and proteins :

One of the main problems when trying to make a catch weight and small ways that we have is to provide source of protein. Some meats are expensive, fish is expensive, the good eggs are not given, etc.
One way around the problem is to buy protein powder. Obviously this does not fully replace solid foods, particularly in terms of micronutrient intake. However, by replacing a portion of these foods by a shaker, it is possible to save some money. For choosing an inexpensive supplement, protein intake, compared to a steak or eggs outdoors, will weigh less on your budget.
Another tip, increase the intake of vegetable protein. If you combine them, plant sources may well bring you all the essential amino acids. Legumes such as lentils, beans and chickpeas are generally much cheaper than animal protein sources. It is then mixed with starchy foods, like rice, to get the full spectrum of essential amino acids.

red beans protein
Finally, if you still want to consume animal protein, but low price, you can focus on tuna cans, white chickens in large containers and large fresh egg boxes. Obviously, this kind of food is not of high quality, but they have the advantage of being much cheaper.
Plan and cook house
One of the first to adopt reflexes to not overspend is to plan meals in advance and make a shopping list. So you can only buy what you need, and nothing else. Then cook your meals yourself, not purchase the "ready-made", also reduces the bill. It takes obviously a little longer, but not that much. In addition, the taste is better, the food quality is generally good and you know what you eat.
Remove superfluous
Generally, what is least useful in a diet is often the most expensive. Sodas, chips, ... All this has a price but will not help you really build muscle mass quality. If your goal is to take the weight, but your budget is tight, it is better to remove them from your shopping list. In addition, this will help make your diet healthier.
sodas chips

Compare stores

Supermarkets are not necessarily the cheapest for everything. In addition, each supermarket can have advantages on certain products. For products such as paper towels, cleaning supplies, water, milk, hard discount supermarkets can offer discounted products. It may be worth it and free up your budget to buy more food.
Then, take the time to compare prices between supermarkets. If you are lucky enough to have 2 or 3 near you, this will allow you to shop in each other, selecting the cheapest products.
Finally, it is possible to find cheaper fruits and vegetables in some local producers or market. Quality more. Likewise for fish and meat, it may be interesting to take a look at the fishmonger and the butcher on the corner.

Buy wholesale

This is a very stupid trick but can save you in the long run. Rather than buying 2 chicken breasts, buy a container of 10, which is less expensive per kilo and freeze the surplus. Rather than purchasing 1 box of 12 eggs, buy 1 box of 30. It works for a lot of products. Just scan the price and comparing per kilo or per liter. If it is cheaper and it can be kept long enough, you can win.

Select distributors brands

You can find completely identical products to branded products, but the price is much lower, just because they are private label and the packaging is less pretty. It usually suffices to compare nutrient intakes and labels to realize the similarity. These products may come from the same factories and are often of the same quality. As many choose them to lower your rating.

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