Bodybuilding Methods

There are many drive systems, protocols, programs and routines from various coaches and personalities from the world of bodybuilding and bodybuilding. Not all are suitable for beginners. As a beginner, we recommend you follow the full-body program site and apply the principles of progression explained the basics of weight training.

If you want to test the systems or methods listed below, we suggest Chad Waterbury programs, the Hardgainer system or the HST protocol for those who do weight training room with weights. The Lafay method will be suitable for those who want to do weight training to body weight without equipment. However, avoid Weider routines, the Heavy Duty or SuperSlow.

The method Lafay

The Lafay method is a method of strength training exercises using body weight. It aims to develop all athletic qualities: strength, endurance, strength, power, flexibility and relaxation. It is suitable for practitioners and practitioners who seek different goals: weight loss while toning the body, muscle hypertrophy, strength gains in addition to another sport or maintenance. This method is tested on the forum since 2005, and the results are at the rendezvous.

Programs Chad Waterbury

Chad Waterbury is one of the innumerable gurus bodybuilding Atlantic. Its programs have been successfully tested and work well. Broadly, working with full-body workouts, we train often are used poly-joint movements, working simultaneously on different sizes with short rest periods between sets, and we are not going to muscular failure: Waterbury Program.

The system "Hardgainer"

This method is promoted by Stuart McRoberts since the late 80s, in reaction against the drift of bodybuilding providing the massive use of chemicals to enable the body to absorb still more volume (drift of Weider programs) System hardgainer.

The protocol "HST"

The HST is based on the scientific principles of muscle hypertrophy known, not on tradition methods: HST Protocol.

Bodybuilding Methods

The "HIT" (High Intensity Training)

Training at high intensity proposed by Arthur Jones was very intense and short, infrequent meetings, with few series. The Hiters often use full-body: HIT.

The "HD" (Heavy Duty)

The drive Heavy Duty Mike Mentzer, only one set per exercise, low drive frequency, maximum intensity, is close enough HIT ...

The "SuperSlow"

Ken Hutchins method which varies the tempo of the repetitions. For example, 10 seconds to raise the bar, 5 for down.

Weider codification

The followers of the large volume of training like to do the split, ie divide and distribute their exercises over several sessions. The weight training for each muscle group generally contain a lot of exercises and sets. The version of Weider training programs have proven themselves on gifted or doped practitioners, but are not very adapted to the lifestyle of man in the world.
We detail some of the intensification and technical training principles developed by Joe Weider. Do not overdo it, they immensely taxing the nervous system and therefore must be stored centrally.

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