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Before attacking, we must first take stock of your motivation and goals. A large number of individual registers in the weight room for one or two years and many people give up after only two or three months.
Having frequented the fitness clubs long enough, I could see that after one year, only a handful to a hundred people initially registered. It is therefore not surprising that the rooms offer long enough for one or two years subscriptions; they know very well that the majority does not profitable and fortunately, because it would be impossible to accommodate all the people in the room at the same time.
If you opt for the weight room, we advise you to limit yourself to one entry for 1 month or even possible, to use books of 10 sessions. Even if it seems more expensive at the time, you will gain there may be long term.
Also, set yourself achievable goals. Become muscular and lose the weight accumulated over the years in two months of training is not feasible challenge, like to build the arms of Arnold Schwarzenegger in 6 months.
Forcing yourself to train every day of the week, in addition to being suddenly on against-productive, will be detrimental to your social and professional life and therefore quickly abandoned.
We advise you to workout 3-4 times a week by limiting the length of sessions, including warm-up and stretching, 1 hour and 30 minutes maximum.

Where do Bodybuilding ?

You can enroll in a gym or workout at home. Gym or home have advantages and disadvantages but both allow you to build a muscular body.
In the first case, you will have access to a lot of equipment: free weights, guided machines and devices to do cardio. You'll also enjoy the fitness coaching teacher will make you a personalized program and show you how to properly execute the exercises and use machines.


We recommend you do a trial session before you sign up. You will be able to see if the room and coaching match your expectations.
If you want to make the traditional bodybuilding and you enroll in a gym without bars and dumbbells, this is not for and vice versa. This will also allow you to feel the atmosphere of the room and question members on coaching because sometimes when the signed check, one is soon forgotten and you have to manage alone.
The test session is essential to not go wrong.
It is also possible to workout at home, but you have to invest in a minimum of equipment. For this, see fitness equipment. The major drawback of the drive home is the lack of supervision. There will be nobody to teach you to do the exercises correctly or monitor how you perform.
We recommend if you are a beginner, making a small period in the weight room to learn the proper execution of exercises, including the most difficult to do: the squat, deadlift, rowing bar dips, pull-ups to horizontal bar and the bench press. Then you can get you home alone.
If you train at home, buy a mirror to check your position and stay strict. You can even shoot to check the performance of strength training exercises.

Getting started in bodybuilding!

At first, you will learn how to perform strength exercises with the help of the coach that will show you the handling of various machines, free weights and accessories.

This period of weeks you will discover the weight and get in shape if you're not athletic at all. It's kind of conditioning, learning before attacking a real program as described later.
For that work the whole body during the session and do 3-4 sets per exercise, 10 to 15 repetitions with light loads, your main goal is to properly carry out the exercise. You will also, during this period fitness, practice cardio training type activities to improve your cardiovascular fitness and learn the basics of stretching to maintain flexibility.
Our basic advice for your weight training sessions, will not neglect the warm-up. For this, you will make 10 to 15 minutes of cardio training and possibly some exercise series for abs at the beginning of each session.
Think also, before starting weight training, to a medical examination to check that you are fit to practice this sport; we never know ! Usually it is requested room, but if you train at home, no one will ask you for proof, then do it for you.
Voila, now we will offer you effective fitness programs that allow you to progress rapidly: beginner bodybuilding program.

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